Using Slide Compare in Engage

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I'm going to show you how to use the slide compare function. What I'm going to do is create a copy of this slide to simulate the scenario that you have when multiple people are working on the same presentation and they are feeding you different versions of the same slide. It is your responsibility to compare the slides and figure out which one is the most up-to-date that you want included in your deck.

What I have done here is I have two different slides that are very similar. I have selected both of them and I will click on the slide compare. The algorithm goes through pixel by pixel and it recognizes the differences and then highlights them in yellow. Up here I can select different slides, for example these are two very different slides and if I click on compare I'll see that there's a lot of highlighted changes in yellow. If I go back to the original slide that I have here on the left these look like the same to me so I'll try to trick the system and click on the compare button and it'll just assure me with this green update that the slides are the exact same.

So the other thing this system lets you do is that lets you compare slides that are in different decks that you have currently open on your computer. I have another file called business case v5 update. If I click on that it'll open up this other deck and I can select yet another version of this same slide and compare and this time you'll notice that there are way more differences in terms of the sizing, formatting and the values.

Finnaly, the system also lets you compare slides from two presentations that are not currently open on your desktop. You can click on the import and open any PowerPoint deck and it will add the slides from that up here and you can select those slides to compare against.

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