Create a Word Cloud in Engage

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What is a Word Cloud?

A word cloud (sometimes also called a tag cloud or weighted list) is a visual representation of text data. By changing the font size and/or font color, word clouds can visualize the frequency that different words appear in a text or speech.


The following table outlines the number of times specific words appear in a report published this year. The fill value is an additional dimension of data which represent how often the same words appeared in the same report in previous years.

Word Frequency of word Fill Value (Past Frequency)
Digital 280 9
Big Data 220 14
Analytics 150 12
Social Media 130 1
Innovate 120 3
Results 120 3
Presentation 110 8
Growth 110 7
Sales 110 2
Cloud 100 15
Bandwidth 80 6
Consumer 50 15
Global 90 10
Ideation 180 8
Online 160 11

Adding a Word Cloud

Adding a word cloud allows views to quickly scan an image and take away the words which featured most prominently. In the word cloud below, that word/idea is big data and digital.

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