What's new in Engage v2.58.1

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Sept 24, 2015

  • Added a Slide Compare feature to highlight any differences between slides.
  • Added Microsoft Project integration for Gantt Chart infographics.
  • Augmented Gantt Chart infographics with milestones, summary tasks, indentation hierarchy and a % complete indicator on the activity bars.
  • Added a new Harvey Balls infographic.
  • Added Harvey Ball and money elements to the icons.
  • Added decimal places to the Doughnut infographic.
  • Added Flowcharts in elements, SmartObjects and Slide Library.
  • Added Dashboards to the SlideLibary.
  • Added Stat Blocks to the SmartObjects.
  • Added legends for the Gantt Chart infographics.
  • Added a What's New link under the Help button linking to a video illustrating the new features.
  • Improved Align to SmartGrid to be more functional.
  • Added a horizontal alignment feature to SmartGrid.
  • Improved Engage and PowerPoint startup time.
  • Darkened default text for heatmaps and timeline events.
  • Improved the element and SmartObjects taskpanes scrolling.
  • Fixed 2007 issue with custom layout masters.

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