What's new in Engage v2.76.2

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May 11, 2016

  • Added automated CAGR line to Delta bar chart.
  • Added quick access to Flow Start Presentation from dropdown in ribbon.
  • Slide library reskinned and augmented with 16:9 widescreen slides
  • Slide library was improved to choose correct template, title and slide number when inserting a slide.
  • Presentation library now allows easy insert of individual slides.
  • Added Tables category to the Slide library.
  • Added Delta Charts category to the Slide library.
  • Added icons for Microsoft, Apple, Linux, server and global network.
  • Improved aspect ratio of lock / unlock icons.
  • Fixed Excel automation with merged cells.
  • Transparent images now maintain their transparency when importing.
  • Improved some translations.
  • Updated Gantt chart reading data.
  • Updated Gantt chart to maintain correct plan / actual color when no actuals are entered.
  • Ensure Flow doesn't get the wrong shapes selected
  • Improved some infographics so they can share the same data range
  • Fixed Pictogram when using a slide layout with content placeholder

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