What's new in Engage v2.80.2

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Nov 10, 2016

  • New Automation : SlideMerge. Use rows of Excel data to generate many slides or presentations based on a slide template. Think mail merge but for presentations.
  • New integrated Automation to handle images.
  • Automation from Excel now allows for api urls, image urls and image file paths to be used as cell values.
  • New Accessibility features : presentation tests, visual reading order disply and fix, help in fixing alt text and added a slide description feature.
  • New Slide Library category for Images.
  • Automate file references are now relative if the data file is equal to or below the PPTX in the folder structure.
  • Added an activate link to the bottom of the upgrade dialog.
  • Infographics now respect their depth (z-order) when being redrawn.
  • Timeline infographics now allow events on the exact same date / time.
  • Timeline infographics now accomodate date and time formats with a single value. ex. "YYYY".
  • Improved Flow to be locale agnostic.
  • Updated image search to new Bing cognitive search api v5.
  • Add support for .xlsm and .xlsb to the automate file types.
  • Added Taiwan to the world by country datamap.
  • In rare network system configurations ensure denied updater doesn't cause exceptions.
  • Fixed delta bar value difference in some cases.

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