What's new in Engage v2.82.3

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Mar 17, 2017

  • Added a new Gauge infographic with 3 design options
  • SharePoint integration for SlideMerge automation
  • Added a quick Excel ShapeLink dropdown to Edit Data infographic buttons for opening the source and reloading values quickly.
  • Improved SlideMerge integration for values less than 1 that are formatted as a % to a doughnut infographic.
  • SlideMerge buttons are now context sensitive.
  • Fixed rare issue with changing progress bar styles and label size was assigned an invalid value.
  • Fixed shapes locked for selection when hitting tab from an infographic and the next shape is not visible.
  • Prevented rare Flow error when not providing any configuration.
  • General improvement to error handling on some infographics.
  • Fix automate reload values issue when a linked shape is copy/pasted resulting in a duplicate named range key.

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