What's new in Engage v2.84.2

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Apr 10, 2018

  • Added Engagify feature that allows you to quickly dress up your presentation.
  • Added an Accessibility report that summarizes the level of accessibility the presentation as a whole, and each slide, has obtained.
  • Added an Accessibility color checker to ensure necessary contract and difference to meet W3C guidelines.
  • Added new color test to accessibility.
  • Added an Agenda feature that can be automatically created and updated as your presentation changes and pick from 6 designs.
  • Added a Navigation feature that allows you to create links within your presentation.
  • Added a new Dial infographic.
  • Added a new Doughnut with multiple series infographic.
  • Added filter buttons to the accessibility test results taskpane to filter on possible issues and errors.
  • Added new slides for Agenda, Reporting and a Process logic map
  • DeltaBar charts now parse the series as years and uses the true delta to calculate the number of periods for CAGR.
  • Improved the Proportional area chart to allow moved shape positions to be saved and restored when rendering.
  • DeltaBar charts can now set decimal places for delta value.
  • Waterfall infographics now have the ability to draw a delta value representing the CAGR, % or actual value.
  • Augmented Link Shape automation to allow a user defined color to be used when coloring selected cells (also allow no color).
  • Added excel automation to DataMaps.
  • Allow the SlideMerge and Shape Link excel value path for images to be relative to the source pptx file.
  • Added eyedropper tool to all color selection dropdowns.
  • Upgraded default communication to use latest TLS if available.
  • Protect infographic reading data from accessing invalid column.
  • If a worksheet is protected, don't attempt to apply the formatting when linking cells.
  • Improved SlideMerge shape selection to use column id rather than shape name.
  • Fixed Images search.

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