What's new in Engage v2.90.7

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Oct 2, 2019

  • Generate linked sheet will now create a fully linked ShapeLink Excel template from your current presentation to facilitate automation.
  • SlideMerge from Excel can now be connected to Charts, Infographics and full tables using a range value.
  • ShapeLink and SlideMerge linked tables are flexible. The table in PowerPoint will match the data size. You can also link a longer and/or wider range in Excel and the data will stop at the first blank row / column.
  • ShapeLink and SlideMerge linked charts are flexible. The chart in PowerPoint will match the data length. You can link a longer and/or wider range in Excel and the data will stop at the first blank row / column.
  • Align Copy/Paste now allows you to include other formatting options like font attributes and shape size.
  • Added decorative feature to the alt tag dialog.
  • Improved infographics dialog performance on opening after initial creation.
  • Greatly improve SlideMerge and ShapeLink performance when linking to large data sets for Charts.
  • Improve SlideMerge error strings for Charts / ranges and missing columns.
  • Improved a few translations.
  • Improved accessibility color checker behaviour with child shapes.
  • Improved accessibility of the doughnut series to include a border option.
  • Updated a few accessibility names.
  • Fixed mapping charts where there is a value in A1.
  • SlideMerge with SharePoint fixed duplicate column name issue and % formatting.
  • Fixed SlideMerge file per row dropdown to include all column names for filename selection rather than just the mapped columns.
  • Fixed doughnut redraw from slowing down PowerPoint.
  • Updated Engagify source slides with no SmartColor tags.
  • Fixed SlideMerge with different filenames using custom file name from a column that wasn't mapped to template shape.

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