What's new in Engage v3.20.1

Aug 30, 2021

  • Added automation of accessibility ALT tag during ShapeLink and SlideMerge
  • Added a custom reading order option for accessibility allowing a user to quickly set a non-standard reading order.
  • Improved our shape align commands to use the first shape as the target.
  • Added a new infographic, Project Timeline
  • Improved SlideMerge automation performance response when merging 500+ slides.
  • Improved color check for charts with plot area fill.
  • Added accessibility for the current slide only, helpful with a large presentation.
  • Improved accessibility taskpane to be context sensitive for presentation or slide testing and include a message when no errors are found.
  • Added quick links to the alt text, reading order and color checker dialogs from the accessibility taskpane.
  • Improved the accessibility of gantt infographics.
  • New default Markido color swatch including more accessible colours.
  • When multiple languages exist for a customized presentation library, allow any user to switch between them.
  • Improved flexible tables with header/footer rows or first/total columns now keep their design consistent when automated and the rows/columns actually change
  • Revamped presentation and slide libraries.
  • Improved SmartColors when taggin a table, now adheres to table configuration for header row, total row, banded rows.
  • Fixed Flow export with breaking office update.
  • Fixed Accessibility report date / time localization.
  • Fixed Accessibility taskpane title localization.
  • Fixed automation display path when the pptx file is in a drive root.
  • Fixed translation of chart series color check dialog.
  • Fixed gauge fill tag
  • Fixed automation duplicate tag when using multiple source files

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