What's new in Engage v3.30.0

Sept 14, 2023

  • Automation ShapeLink can now automate border color from Excel for shapes, including the results of Excel conditional formatting.
  • Launched Learning Portal (via help menu) with over 100 hours of accessibility learning video content.
  • Added a new doughnut infographic design.
  • Added a search feature for icons.
  • Added 35+ new icons and slides.
  • Allow Align copy/paste to handle empty text.
  • Improved the error message with duplicate (copy/pasted) linked shapes and provide help on correcting the issue.
  • Improved automation formatting dialog options in certain situations.
  • Improved error dialog UI.
  • Fixed issue with Scorecard when value was >100.
  • Fix data map issue with race condition between automated update and using the edit data.

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