Engage Version History

Version 3.30.2Dec 21, 2023

  • Improved accessibility of Engage ribbon for compare/accessibility check button group when the window is resized smaller.
  • Updated image search API endpoint url and protocol.

Version 3.30.0Sept 14, 2023

  • Automation ShapeLink can now automate border color from Excel for shapes, including the results of Excel conditional formatting.
  • Launched Learning Portal (via help menu) with over 100 hours of accessibility learning video content.
  • Added a new doughnut infographic design.
  • Added a search feature for icons.
  • Added 35+ new icons and slides.
  • Allow Align copy/paste to handle empty text.
  • Improved the error message with duplicate (copy/pasted) linked shapes and provide help on correcting the issue.
  • Improved automation formatting dialog options in certain situations.
  • Improved error dialog UI.
  • Fixed issue with Scorecard when value was >100.
  • Fix data map issue with race condition between automated update and using the edit data.

Version 3.20.1Aug 30, 2021

  • Added automation of accessibility ALT tag during ShapeLink and SlideMerge
  • Added a custom reading order option for accessibility allowing a user to quickly set a non-standard reading order.
  • Improved our shape align commands to use the first shape as the target.
  • Added a new infographic, Project Timeline
  • Improved SlideMerge automation performance response when merging 500+ slides.
  • Improved color check for charts with plot area fill.
  • Added accessibility for the current slide only, helpful with a large presentation.
  • Improved accessibility taskpane to be context sensitive for presentation or slide testing and include a message when no errors are found.
  • Added quick links to the alt text, reading order and color checker dialogs from the accessibility taskpane.
  • Improved the accessibility of gantt infographics.
  • New default Markido color swatch including more accessible colours.
  • When multiple languages exist for a customized presentation library, allow any user to switch between them.
  • Improved flexible tables with header/footer rows or first/total columns now keep their design consistent when automated and the rows/columns actually change
  • Revamped presentation and slide libraries.
  • Improved SmartColors when tagging a table, now adheres to table configuration for header row, total row, banded rows.
  • Fixed Flow export with breaking office update.
  • Fixed Accessibility report date / time localization.
  • Fixed Accessibility taskpane title localization.
  • Fixed automation display path when the pptx file is in a drive root.
  • Fixed translation of chart series color check dialog.
  • Fixed gauge fill tag
  • Fixed automation duplicate tag when using multiple source files

Version 3.10.0Aug 25, 2020

  • Automation ShapeLink can now automate the results of Excel conditional formatting
  • Automation SlideMerge can now automate the results of Excel conditional formatting
  • SlideMerge can now also create PDF versions of each genereated presentation
  • Improved the contrast ratio dialog for WCAG 2.1 and auto-adjust color algorithms
  • Major enhancements to the automated accessibility tests, now testing child shapes, charts and tables
  • Major enhancements to the accessibility taskpane, automatic retest as issues are fixed
  • Added 12 new accessibility tests
  • Added a colorblindness simulation feature
  • Added a 'tab jump' feature to mark a group of shapes as a tab jump to improve useability for keyboard users
  • New color contrast dialog only tests for WCAG 2.1 AA and uses HSL colors to adjust the luminence to try and find matches
  • Added new accessibility features for infographics
  • Improved the accessibility report and added ability to report on many presentations in a folder
  • Improved the automation progress bars
  • Added automate image feature to improve performance when many images are linked
  • Discontinued support for Office 2007
  • Added horizontal scroll bars to automation source list
  • Added additional slides
  • Added additional icons

Version 2.90.10Dec 6, 2019

  • Improved accessible description of tests to include the slide number
  • Improved chart automation when the plot by axis rows and columns are swapped

Version 2.90.7Oct 2, 2019

  • Generate linked sheet will now create a fully linked ShapeLink Excel template from your current presentation to facilitate automation.
  • SlideMerge from Excel can now be connected to Charts, Infographics and full tables using a range value.
  • ShapeLink and SlideMerge linked tables are flexible. The table in PowerPoint will match the data size. You can also link a longer and/or wider range in Excel and the data will stop at the first blank row / column.
  • ShapeLink and SlideMerge linked charts are flexible. The chart in PowerPoint will match the data length. You can link a longer and/or wider range in Excel and the data will stop at the first blank row / column.
  • Align Copy/Paste now allows you to include other formatting options like font attributes and shape size.
  • Added decorative feature to the alt tag dialog.
  • Improved infographics dialog performance on opening after initial creation.
  • Greatly improve SlideMerge and ShapeLink performance when linking to large data sets for Charts.
  • Improve SlideMerge error strings for Charts / ranges and missing columns.
  • Improved a few translations.
  • Improved accessibility color checker behaviour with child shapes.
  • Improved accessibility of the doughnut series to include a border option.
  • Updated a few accessibility names.
  • Fixed mapping charts where there is a value in A1.
  • SlideMerge with SharePoint fixed duplicate column name issue and % formatting.
  • Fixed SlideMerge file per row dropdown to include all column names for filename selection rather than just the mapped columns.
  • Fixed doughnut redraw from slowing down PowerPoint.
  • Updated Engagify source slides with no SmartColor tags.
  • Fixed SlideMerge with different filenames using custom file name from a column that wasn't mapped to template shape.

Version 2.86.6Mar 12, 2019

  • Update Export Text to include all Engage infographics, extracting the underlying data table for the text. Shortcut key also includes CTRL+SHIFT+R.
  • Updated direct Excel edit data shortcut keys to CTRL+SHIFT+Y to not conflict with Jaws keys.
  • Improved screen reader support across all dialogs.
  • Updated doughnut series to ensure the shape is seen as infographic.

Version 2.86.2Feb 6, 2019

  • Update Export Text to include all Engage infographics extracting the underlying data table.
  • Added error dialog when using SlideMerge and duplicate column names are used.
  • Augmented accessibility color check to include WCAG 2.0 AA standard.
  • Add keyboard support in Flow dialog to return to canvas slide dialog.

Version 2.86.1Jan 10, 2019

  • Added an Export Text feature that exports the presentation text, chart data, tables, infographic data to a plain text RTF file
  • Update Engage UI to enhance the keyboard accessibility of the program for use with screen readers

Version 2.84.8Sept 7, 2018

  • Added an icon indicator to the Accessibility Report
  • Added accessibility icons to the element icons

Version 2.84.7Aug 27, 2018

  • Added 'Refresh slide' option in refresh values dropdown for Excel ShapeLink automation.
  • Improved Engagify compatibility with latest version of PowerPoint.
  • Updated add-in loader.

Version 2.84.2Apr 10, 2018

  • Added Engagify feature that allows you to quickly dress up your presentation.
  • Added an Accessibility report that summarizes the level of accessibility the presentation as a whole, and each slide, has obtained.
  • Added an Accessibility color checker to ensure necessary contract and difference to meet W3C guidelines.
  • Added new color test to accessibility.
  • Added an Agenda feature that can be automatically created and updated as your presentation changes and pick from 6 designs.
  • Added a Navigation feature that allows you to create links within your presentation.
  • Added a new Dial infographic.
  • Added a new Doughnut with multiple series infographic.
  • Added filter buttons to the accessibility test results taskpane to filter on possible issues and errors.
  • Added new slides for Agenda, Reporting and a Process logic map
  • DeltaBar charts now parse the series as years and uses the true delta to calculate the number of periods for CAGR.
  • Improved the Proportional area chart to allow moved shape positions to be saved and restored when rendering.
  • DeltaBar charts can now set decimal places for delta value.
  • Waterfall infographics now have the ability to draw a delta value representing the CAGR, % or actual value.
  • Augmented Link Shape automation to allow a user defined color to be used when coloring selected cells (also allow no color).
  • Added excel automation to DataMaps.
  • Allow the SlideMerge and Shape Link excel value path for images to be relative to the source pptx file.
  • Added eyedropper tool to all color selection dropdowns.
  • Upgraded default communication to use latest TLS if available.
  • Protect infographic reading data from accessing invalid column.
  • If a worksheet is protected, don't attempt to apply the formatting when linking cells.
  • Improved SlideMerge shape selection to use column id rather than shape name.
  • Fixed Images search.

Version 2.82.3Mar 17, 2017

  • Added a new Gauge infographic with 3 design options
  • SharePoint integration for SlideMerge automation
  • Added a quick Excel ShapeLink dropdown to Edit Data infographic buttons for opening the source and reloading values quickly.
  • Improved SlideMerge integration for values less than 1 that are formatted as a % to a doughnut infographic.
  • SlideMerge buttons are now context sensitive.
  • Fixed rare issue with changing progress bar styles and label size was assigned an invalid value.
  • Fixed shapes locked for selection when hitting tab from an infographic and the next shape is not visible.
  • Prevented rare Flow error when not providing any configuration.
  • General improvement to error handling on some infographics.
  • Fix automate reload values issue when a linked shape is copy/pasted resulting in a duplicate named range key.

Version 2.80.2Nov 10, 2016

  • New Automation : SlideMerge. Use rows of Excel data to generate many slides or presentations based on a slide template. Think mail merge but for presentations.
  • New integrated Automation to handle images.
  • Automation from Excel now allows for api urls, image urls and image file paths to be used as cell values.
  • New Accessibility features : presentation tests, visual reading order disply and fix, help in fixing alt text and added a slide description feature.
  • New Slide Library category for Images.
  • Automate file references are now relative if the data file is equal to or below the PPTX in the folder structure.
  • Added an activate link to the bottom of the upgrade dialog.
  • Infographics now respect their depth (z-order) when being redrawn.
  • Timeline infographics now allow events on the exact same date / time.
  • Timeline infographics now accomodate date and time formats with a single value. ex. "YYYY".
  • Improved Flow to be locale agnostic.
  • Updated image search to new Bing cognitive search api v5.
  • Add support for .xlsm and .xlsb to the automate file types.
  • Added Taiwan to the world by country datamap.
  • In rare network system configurations ensure denied updater doesn't cause exceptions.
  • Fixed delta bar value difference in some cases.

Version 2.76.2May 11, 2016

  • Added automated CAGR line to Delta bar chart.
  • Added quick access to Flow Start Presentation from dropdown in ribbon.
  • Slide library reskinned and augmented with 16:9 widescreen slides
  • Slide library was improved to choose correct template, title and slide number.
  • Presentation library now allows easy insert of individual slides.
  • Added Tables category to the Slide library.
  • Added Delta Charts category to the Slide library.
  • Added icons for Microsoft, Apple, Linux, server and global network.
  • Improved aspect ratio of lock / unlock icons.
  • Fixed Excel automation with merged cells.
  • Transparent images now maintain their transparency when importing.
  • Improved some translations.
  • Updated Gantt chart reading data.
  • Updated Gantt chart to maintain correct plan / actual color when no actuals are entered.
  • Ensure Flow doesn't get the wrong shapes selected
  • Improved some infographics so they can share the same data range
  • Fixed Pictogram when using a slide layout with content placeholder

Version 2.74.5Feb 2, 2016

  • Flow : Add motion and zoom to any presentation.
  • Translated Engage for French UI.
  • Added Android and Blackberry wireframe elements.
  • Improved ribbon icon quality.
  • Improved Excel automation with tables to check bounds.
  • Improved tmp file clean up.
  • Fixed Marimekko column subtotals.

Version 2.64.1Dec 7, 2015

  • Improved workflow when creating and editing "My swatches"
  • Improved delta bar padding
  • Improved some slides and smartobjects with larger default fonts
  • Automatically reset dialog position if it was off screen (2nd monitor is no longer plugged in)
  • Fixed Scorecard dialog height issue on lower resolution screens
  • Fixed Slide Compare when thumbnails sometimes would not appear
  • Major performance improvement with DataMaps
  • Performance improvement with some infographics

Version 2.62.6Nov 5, 2015

  • New Delta Chart infographic.
  • Presentation automation integrated with MS Excel.
  • MS Excel presentation automation allows linking of shapes, textboxes, tables, charts and infographics to Excel cells and ranges.
  • Presentation automation integrated with MS Project.
  • MS Project presentation automation allows linking of shapes, textboxes and some infographics (doughnuts and gantts) to various project fields.
  • Doughnut infographics can now have decimal values, values up to 1000 and negative values.
  • Reset dialog default position from help dialog. Helpful with multiple monitor setups.
  • Added more charts in elements.
  • Fixed unlinking a shape from SmartColors.

Version 2.58.1Sept 24, 2015

  • Added a Slide Compare feature to highlight any differences between slides.
  • Added Microsoft Project integration for Gantt Chart infographics.
  • Augmented Gantt Chart infographics with milestones, summary tasks, indentation hierarchy and a % complete indicator on the activity bars.
  • Added a new Harvey Balls infographic.
  • Added Harvey Ball and money elements to the icons.
  • Added decimal places to the Doughnut infographic.
  • Added Flowcharts in elements, SmartObjects and Slide Library.
  • Added Dashboards to the SlideLibary.
  • Added Stat Blocks to the SmartObjects.
  • Added legends for the Gantt Chart infographics.
  • Added a What's New link under the Help button linking to a video illustrating the new features.
  • Improved Align to SmartGrid to be more functional.
  • Added a horizontal alignment feature to SmartGrid.
  • Improved Engage and PowerPoint startup time.
  • Darkened default text for heatmaps and timeline events.
  • Improved the element and SmartObjects taskpanes scrolling.
  • Fixed 2007 issue with custom layout masters.

Version 2.49.0Aug 17, 2015

  • Launched help videos for all infographics and datamaps.
  • Improved backwards compatibility on some infographics.
  • Improved UI compatibility when PPT has been embedded or in preview mode.
  • Improved infographics when default shape has autofit shape to text configured.
  • Delay the saving of the presentation state tag until the file is saved.
  • Previous icon is de-selected when a custom pictogram icon is used.
  • Fixed font rendering on doughnut and connected stacked.
  • Fixed UI when using more than one library presentation at once.

Version 2.45.1Aug 7, 2015

  • Pictograms can now use any icon from our library
  • Pictograms can now use a custom icon PNG image
  • Pictograms have improved layouts and configuration
  • Improved UI for high DPI configurations
  • Added over 120 minutes of online help videos
  • Added additional configuration options for error handling
  • Custom swatches are activated immediately
  • Added dashboards to presentation library
  • Added 5 new icons
  • Improved configuration for all infographics
  • Decreased waterfall generate time by 90%
  • Improved infographics label sizing where necessary to decrease textbox size overages
  • Improved compatibility of Engage when not started via the UI.
  • Fixed all dialogs for high resolution monitors.
  • Fixed connected stacked chart x-axis.
  • Fixed issue when opening a second presentation from the library and the login username has a period in it.

Version 2.40.0Jun 30, 2015

  • Improved compatibility of Engage when not started via the UI
  • Added additional configuration options for error handling
  • Improved installer compatibility with the Microsoft program assistant
  • Fixed issue when opening a second presentation from the library and the login username has a period in it.

Version 2.38.0Jun 25, 2015

  • Added more granular font configuration for gantt with dates infographic
  • Improved both gantt infographics to not require plan values
  • Improved deleteing a custom swatch when 2 PPT windows are open
  • Moved application config from registry to APPDATA json file

Version 2.32.0May 26, 2015

  • Import from Excel file for infographics and data maps
  • Improved rendering performance and compatibility
  • Improved SmartGrid visibility
  • Added more brand icons

Version 2.28.0Apr 28, 2015

  • Manual software activation option.
  • Enhanced compatibility in PowerPoint.
  • Enhanced compatibility with other add-ins.

Version 2.24.0Mar 17, 2015

  • Improved my swatches creation
  • Performance enhancements
  • Improved custom configuration options
  • Improved presentaton and slide UI.

Version 2.23.0Feb 27, 2015

  • Customization
  • Improved gantt bar text values and rendering
  • Fixed gantt chart rendering at month level
  • Auto activation

Version 2.18.0Jan 14, 2015

  • Improved wireframes
  • Callouts
  • Connected Stack Chart
  • Improved presentation thumbs
  • Color picker dropdown remembers selected color

Version 2.10.0Nov 4, 2014

  • Shortcut keys
  • Improved infographic default data sets

Version 2.2.0Oct 17, 2014

  • Bumped to .NET Client Profile 4
  • Improved waterfall axis

Version 2.1.0Oct 9, 2014

  • Added event timeline
  • Improved infographic rendering with abnormal inputs
  • Copy / Paste shape position
  • About dialog improved to show current license status
  • Ability to push license update

Version 1.10.0Sept 17, 2014

  • Add 2nd gantt based on dates
  • Ribbon buttons now affect shapes inside of a group
  • Align to slide middle and center
  • Slides can now be inserted into a blank presentation
  • SmartObjects

Version 1.0.0Sept 8, 2014

  • Performance improvements
  • Infographic redrawing working... indicator
  • Added progres bars infograhpic
  • SmartColors now work with Tables
  • Taskpane UI improvements
  • Protect Engage ribbon buttons with no presentation open
  • Calendar elements
  • Match icons to SmartGrid one column and improve ordering

Version 0.0.33Aug 21, 2014

  • Improve overall UI design to be more consistent
  • Log rotation
  • Improved config dialogs to enable auto/manual range high low values

Version 0.0.30Aug 7, 2014

  • Updater
  • My Swatches
  • Current swatch is stored in file to support multiple windows
  • Infographics
  • DataMaps
  • Presentation and slide library
  • Added cog configure hover for easy dialog access and access from right click context menu
  • Setup common location for dialogs
  • Improved ribbon icons
  • Wireframes
  • Dropdown color selector in dialogs
  • SmartGrid to handle multiple slide orientations

Version 0.0.12May 21, 2014

  • Element task panes with Drag N' Drop
  • Multiple task panes for element types
  • Element task panes insert centered element with double click
  • Task pane elements have labels
  • Find Images
  • Images searching and filtering
  • SmartColors and tag shapes and charts for fill, outline and font
  • Ribon Align buttons with distribute horizontally and vertically
  • SmartGrid and sizing
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